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The Psychology of Hearing Loss

May 28, 2015

If we truly want to understand hearing loss, we need to understand both the physical side, which makes hearing progressively challenging, and the psychological side, which includes the lesser-known emotional reactions to the loss of hearing. In conjunction, the two sides of hearing loss can wreak havoc on a person’s quality of life, as the ... Read More

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A Short Biography of Raymond Carhart, the “Father of Audiology”

May 21, 2015
Raymond Carhart

Most people are surprised to hear how young the profession of audiology actually is, and how recently its founding father founded the profession. To put this in perspective, if you desired to find the founding father of biology, for instance, you’d have to go back in time by 2,300 years and read the The History ... Read More

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Questions to Ask Your Hearing Specialist Before You Buy Hearing Aids

May 14, 2015
Question Mark

When it’s time to purchase a car, most of us know exactly what to do. We do some research, evaluate options, and compose a list of questions to ask the dealership. We do this so that by the time we’re set to visit the dealership, we have an idea of what we’re looking for and ... Read More

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The Digital Advantage: Analog Vs. Digital Hearing Aids

May 07, 2015
Digital Code

You’ve most likely been told that today’s hearing aids are “not your grandfather’s hearing aids,” or that hearing aid technology is light-years ahead of where it used to be, even as recently as 5 to 10 years ago. But what makes modern technology so much better? And what exactly can modern day hearing aids accomplish ... Read More

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