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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Treat Your Hearing Loss

August 27, 2015

We all put things off, regularly talking ourselves out of stressful or uncomfortable tasks in favor of something more pleasing or fun. Distractions are all around as we tell ourselves that we will some day get around to whatever we’re presently working hard to avoid. Often times, procrastination is relatively harmless. We might aim to ... Read More

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How Insects are Revolutionizing Hearing Aids

August 20, 2015

How Insects are Revolutionizing Hearing Aids Modern hearing aids have come a long way; existing models are highly effective and include amazing digital features, such as wifi connectivity, that significantly improve a person’s ability to hear along with their overall quality of life. But there is still room for improvement. Specifically, in a few situations ... Read More

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6 Ways Your Brain Transforms Sound Into Emotion

August 13, 2015

It has long been established that there are powerful connections among sound, music, emotion, and memory, and that our personal experiences and preferences determine the type and intensity of emotional response we have to various sounds. As an example, research has revealed these widespread associations between certain sounds and emotions: The sound of a thunderstorm ... Read More

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6 Ways to Lose Your Hearing

August 06, 2015

The ironic part of hearing loss is that we don’t seem to start appreciating our favorite sounds until after we’ve lost the capacity to clearly hear them. We don’t stop to contemplate, for instance, how much we value a good conversation with a friend until we have to continually ask them to repeat themselves. Whether ... Read More

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