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What Makes Modern Digital Hearing Aids Better?

March 25, 2016
Digital Hearing Aid

Technology changes quickly: in 2005, the average 40-inch flat screen television would have cost you more than $1,500. Today, 10 years later, you can find a 40-inch flat screen TV for around $230. The same has happened with hearing aids, although it’s more likely to escape our recognition. We notice that TVs become larger, better, ... Read More

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How to Tell Others About Your Hearing Loss

March 17, 2016
Family smiling

Hearing loss is commonly called the invisible disability for a reason. No one can see or experience your hearing loss, and no one can feel your frustration and stress. The only thing people can experience is their OWN frustration when they have to constantly repeat themselves. Regretfully, those with hearing loss seldom get the benefit ... Read More

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7 “Life Hacks” For Better Hearing

March 10, 2016
Woman cupping had around ear

Life hack is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as: “A strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.” Life hacks can help you save both money and time, and some are so easy you’ll ask yourself why you hadn’t already thought of them. Inventive but straightforward ... Read More

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How to Prepare for Your Hearing Test

March 03, 2016
Hearing Test

Congratulations on taking the first step toward healthier hearing by scheduling your hearing assessment. You’re already ahead of the game, as most people delay getting a hearing test for several years—in some cases decades. But now that you’ve booked your hearing test, you’ll want to see to it that you’re prepared for the visit, especially ... Read More

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