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Overcoming Resistance to Treating Your Hearing Loss

April 28, 2016
Father and son sitting on couch

The interesting thing about hearing loss is that, statistically, if you have it, you more than likely won’t recognize it or seek out care for at least five to seven years—perhaps longer. The statistics: 20 percent of the United States population, or 48 million individuals, have some measure of hearing loss. Of those with hearing ... Read More

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How Hearing Aids Enhance Working Memory and Speech Comprehension

April 21, 2016
Group thinking, memory

Have you ever taken a class, or went to a lecture, where the ideas were delivered so quickly or in so complicated a fashion that you learned next to nothing? If so, your working memory was probably overloaded beyond its total capacity. The limits of working memory All of us process information in three steps: ... Read More

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Why Choose Custom-Molded Over Disposable Earplugs?

April 14, 2016
Custom-Molded Silicone Earplug

Just as hearing loss is known as the invisible disability, sound is known as the invisible threat. Without even being conscious of it, the sounds we subject ourselves to might be initiating permanent hearing loss that grows irreversibly year after year. Who’s at risk for hearing loss? A normal conversation registers at a volume of ... Read More

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A Short Guide to Hearing Aids

April 07, 2016
Small digital hearing aid in hand

Hearing aid guides are not uncommon, but most are not exactly reader-friendly, either. Most are generally too lengthy or complicated, resulting in more confusion rather than less. My guess is that you’re less interested in the physiology of hearing or in the particulars of acoustical engineering and much more interested in identifying the most appropriate ... Read More

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