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Why You Should Never Use Q-Tips to Clean Your Ears

May 05, 2016
Woman holding a cotton swab up to her ear canal

You’ve more than likely never noticed, but on the backside of any package of cotton swabs there’s a written warning that is some variation of this: “Caution: Do not enter the ear canal. Entering the ear canal could lead to injury.” If you have a package of cotton swabs nearby, go check it out for ... Read More

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Why Choose Custom-Molded Over Disposable Earplugs?

April 14, 2016
Custom-Molded Silicone Earplug

Just as hearing loss is known as the invisible disability, sound is known as the invisible threat. Without even being conscious of it, the sounds we subject ourselves to might be initiating permanent hearing loss that grows irreversibly year after year. Who’s at risk for hearing loss? A normal conversation registers at a volume of ... Read More

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How Hearing Aids Can Keep Your Brain Young

February 25, 2016
Graphic of brain

Photo credit: flickr Saad Faruque Twentieth-century neuroscience has uncovered something rather amazing: namely that your brain can change itself well into adulthood. Whereas in the early 1900s it was assumed that the brain ceased changing in adolescence, we now understand that the brain responds to change all through life. Neuroplasticity To appreciate how your brain ... Read More

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6 Things a Hearing Care Professional Can Do For You

February 18, 2016
Doctor with patient

There tends to be more confusion when it concerns hearing care than with most other medical specialties. We don’t have to ask, for example, what a dentist or eye doctor can do for us. But when it comes to our hearing, we’re typically uncertain as to what action we should take or who we should ... Read More

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5 Reasons To Choose a Hearing Aid Over a PSAP

February 04, 2016
Hearing Aids

You have most likely seen the commercials. The ones advertising PSAPs, or personal sound amplification products, assuring a boost to hearing for as little as 20 dollars. It appears to be a fantastic deal—especially in comparison to the significant price tag of a hearing aid. The reality is, it’s not so much a great deal ... Read More

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Start the New Year With These 5 Healthy Resolutions

January 07, 2016
New Year’s Resolutions

Picture your life in 2016 with half the stress and double the energy. Who wouldn’t wish for that? While virtually everyone aspires to improved health, it’s not a secret that the majority of health-related New Year’s resolutions fail. We have the tendency to set resolutions that are too difficult or too complex—all in the name ... Read More

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How to Become a Better Communicator In Spite Of Hearing Loss

November 19, 2015
Hearing Aids

Communication is consistently cited as one of the most—if not the most—crucial factors to strengthening and preserving healthy relationships. As reported by the PBS program The Emotional Life: “How couples behave when solving problems together or arguing can predict the character and success of their relationship. A raised eyebrow, a hand on the arm, or ... Read More

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Why Hearing Aids Make You Happier Than Winning the Lottery

October 29, 2015

Why Hearing Aids Make You Happier Than Winning the Lottery Presuming that you have hearing loss, what’s most likely to make you happy? A) Winning the lottery, or B) buying a new pair of hearing aids It might seem clear to you that the answer is A, but research on happiness tells a quite different ... Read More

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The Alarming Hearing Loss Statistics You Need to Know About

October 22, 2015

Far too many times, we hear people state that hearing loss only affects “old people,” that it’s just a natural part of getting old, or that it’s generally an uncommon condition. These remarks couldn’t be further from the facts. Here are statistics you need to know about: Prevalence of hearing loss in the US Hearing ... Read More

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5 Good Reasons to Get a Hearing Test

October 15, 2015
Hearing Test

In the United States, roughly 37.5 million adults have some amount of hearing loss. Yet according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), only 20 percent of those who could reap the benefits of hearing aids actually use them. That means that millions of Americans who could enhance their life with better hearing decide not ... Read More

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