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Tinnitus Intervention Results

July 07, 2014
Carrie G is a 50 year old fitness instructor with a history of bilateral tinnitus for four years, which was sudden in onset. She reported that although her tinnitus was noticeable for the first 2 years, it really did not bother her except periodically when in a quiet environment.  In 2012, she and her husband moved to Louisiana and within a week her tinnitus suddenly became disturbing. She was seen by her family physician who subsequently referred her to a local ENT.
Her ENT examination was essentially normal with exception of audiological testing which revealed a bilateral high frequency hearing loss from 4000Hz to 8000Hz. More extensive audiological testing, including an MRI, was performed.  Results were normal and ruled out any neurological involvement. She was placed on several medications which were unsuccessful in reducing her tinnitus. Hearing aids were recommended but were unsuccessful in reducing her disturbance. She was subsequently referred to our tinnitus clinic.
On her first visit to our clinic, Carrie completed a Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire (TRQ) and scored 63 which placed her in the severe category for disturbance. Her Tinnitus assessment first confirmed a
bilateral high frequency sensorineural hearing loss from 4000HZ to 12,500 Hz. Her tinnitus was matched at 4000Hz at 25db. These findings were discussed and we agreed to begin a tinnitus intervention program using a GHI noise generator as our sound integration device.
Since beginning our program, Carrie has shown an impressive improvement in her disturbance reduction. At her last tele-counselling session, she scored a 13 on her TRQ placing her in the slight category for disturbance, a reduction of 50 points. Her prognosis for continued success is excellent.

July 14, 2014
Joyce S is a 71 year old retired administrator with bilateral tinnitus. She attributes her tinnitus to an incident which occurred while dining at a local restaurant. She stated a baby abruptly started “screaming” and described it as deafening. The next night she had a sudden onset of tinnitus in both ears which was ongoing for one year prior to visiting our clinic. Additionally, she complained of having a difficult time tolerating loud environments such as groups and parties. She did report having hearing loss but had never worn hearing aids. Joyce had been seen by several ENT’s with no medical treatment recommended.
On her first visit to our clinic she completed a Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire (TRQ) and scored a 67 placing her disturbance in the moderate to severe range. An audiological examination and tinnitus assessment was performed. Results found her to have a moderate mid and high frequency sensori neural hearing loss in both ears. Her tinnitus assessment revealed her tinnitus to be at a frequency of 3000Hz at 25db. She also was
found to have a notable low tolerance to loud sounds.
Joyce was subsequently placed in our tinnitus intervention program which included counseling and the use of a ReSound hearing/tinnitus device. On her first follow-up session, her TRQ score was 18 showing a 49 point drop in her score. She reported that she was much happier and experienced less stress because of the reduced awareness of her tinnitus. “Although I still hear my tinnitus if I think about it does not bother me near as much anymore.”  She also was very pleased to be hearing much better.
Joyce has continued to do well over this last year and her prognosis is excellent for continued success. 

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