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"If you've been told that nothing could be done for your tinnitus and that it would be something you would have to learn to live with. Or, your present treatment is not working, I want to meet with you."

If you have tinnitus, you're not alone. There are approximately 50 million American's who have some degree of tinnitus. For most, it's not a problem because they simply learned to ignore it but for others, it is a whole different story. There's a great deal of misinformation regarding tinnitus treatment so, I want to state a fact. Although there is no pill or surgery at this time to cure tinnitus, there are very effective strategies designed to reduce the stress and anxiety tinnitus can often cause.

I have been helping patients with tinnitus for over 30 years. Through my understanding of the anatomy of tinnitus and various treatment models, I have developed a very effective tinnitus program.

Dr. Terry Roberts

Individualized Tinnitus Therapy

No two tinnitus patients are the same. The severity of their tinnitus annoyance can vary from slight to catastrophic. Therefore, the strategy for treatment, should be adapted to each individual's need dependent of the severity. Some of the components of our program are as follows.

Intructional Counseling: Knowledge is the key to solving most problems. Those with bothersome tinnitus need an undersanding of all of the critical components of tinnitus and how their interaction causes the annoyance. Then an individualized program can be adapted that meets their needs.

Sound Therapy: 
Sound therapy is a key component in the treatment protocol for tinnitus annoyance. It's a tool that in the short term can meet tinnitus head on by eliminating or reducing the perception of tinnitus, while in use. In the long term, in conjuction with out tinnitus therapy program, tinnitus annoyance can be a thing of the past therefore reducing the need for sound therapy.

Sleep Restoration: 
A common side effect of tinnitus is disrupted sleep either when falling asleep or after waking during the night. Developing sound sleep hygiene techniques are important for not only reducing tinnitus annoyance but also improving our entire wellbeing.

Stress and Relaxation: 
It is well accepted that stress and anxiety can and most often increases the perception of tinnitus. It is imprtant to have an understanding of how to develop strategies that reduce stress and promote relaxation.

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