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Tinnitus Stress Management

As the search for finding a cure for tinnitus continues, many tinnitus sufferers are under the impression or are being told by the medical community that nothing can be done to reduce the disturbance of tinnitus. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. There are available, intervention strategies that are helping many overcome the disturbance of tinnitus.

As was mentioned in Tinnitus Explained, there are approximately 50 million Americans who have tinnitus. Of that number, 32 million are not bothered at all by their tinnitus but for the remaining 18 million, having tinnitus is a serious problem. Our strategy is to intervene between our patients and their tinnitus. Our goal is to move them from the group of 18 million suffers to the 32 million non-affected tinnitus “hearers.”

At Roberts Hearing Clinic we utilize a “whole person” approach in our intervention
program by individually addressing all three components of disturbing tinnitus, auditory, attentional and emotional. Once the degree of the tinnitus disturbance is assessed, a structure program is then designed and implemented for each individual.

  • Tinnitus Education
  • Tinnitus Habituation
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Stress & Relaxation
  • Progressive Relaxation Training
  • Avoiding Tinnitus Triggers


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